End of the year: Personal 2009 and 2010


Using the ending year in the default way, for looking back at the year, and ahead to the next year, and inside and all around, I find there are some things I like about me and my life, my new career, and other things I don’t.

2010 will bring a lot of reinvention of myself. I will liberate myself from a few things which are responsible for my mess-ups and dark moods. I will move into my new studio. I will use my life for the things I enjoy. I will learn from my past mistakes, and try to grow.

The mistakes I made are mostly due to stress, burnout, lack of sleep (because I am a proud father). I have no relax strategy. I take no vacation. I have no real weekend. I work double shifts. Therefore I failed a deadline or two, I made people kick me a lot for updates, I had a good share of evenings where I wasn’t productive anymore contrary to plans.

I don’t want to complain, but these are the things that made me unhappy, that made me less pro and less yo, and less likely to go anywhere.

In a good mood I make plans and promises, which I then have to fulfil after a long hard working day, or on a sunday after a tough week. And I have a family. Every free minute not spent with my son seems like a mistake on its own.

On the other hand, I had so much fun with the many games I was allowed to work on, the people I got to know… I am aware and thankful for that. I want more of that, and less suckage. In other words: I am trying to level up.

I usually don’t blurt out things before they are solid. But, some BIG changes and projects are ahead. Two things are waiting for their contract. Once all is signed, once the plans are fixed and set in motion, I will tell everyone about it. I will change – improve? – a lot. I am working on Daniel 2.0 since March, and at this point everything seems close to GO. Hope you will like the new features.

2010 will be wild. Even if everything fails – which it won’t as I am sailing with one hand on the emergency brake – 2010 is a new adventure, a new sensation, and that is what life’s all about, right?

Merry Xmas, and a happy new year. Let’s make this more than an empty phrase.