Fulltime: Undaddy 2.0


I waited a long time for this:

It’s now official. I will become a fulltime musician/composer in about 50 days.

I have quit my “dayjob” so to speak yesterday, after 8 years. As I am a freelancer, that was a regular customer in the IT business I worked for. This might be a surprise for some, as I am quite busy as a composer and sound designer, too, and I hope I have made those projects feel as top priority as they are to me.  My “secret” is just that I often work long hours and 6-7 days a week to make both happen. *pheew* In the beginning, the audio jobs were few. But, as they got more and more, I took weeks off from “regular” work to do “fulfilling” work for my other customers.  

I could continue like this, but I desire more. More time, more projects, bigger projects, more focus. Early June I’ll leave that IT-stuff behind entirely, leap-of-faith style. I need my full time to bring myself to the next level, Undaddy 2.0.

As we speak, the Knights of Soundtrack, that’s me and my colleague Dominik Morgenroth, are finishing a bigger game project, 4 more projects for 2010 are quite sure (I have a definite yes). Also, I am a lecturer at the SET in Erding, where I will teach media composition a few days a year and provide a few educational videos and scripts.  More projects welcome.

AND I have my good old Worship. I will not milk my band, it will not turn fake or “commercial” as they say. But, as it is, it is a considerable source of income. And now I can spend more time working on material, and release what I hope are good albums more often. Simple as that.

In June, we move to bigger but cheaper facilities, and I will have a lot of time on my hands to put into good creative use, finally! If I have worked for you in the past, dear reader – I can now be a lot faster and more flexible. I just have more time to invest, and more power.

Of course, to give up a regular paying gig makes me a little nervous. I have to trust on incoming projects and will never be able to totally relax in that department. But it’s looking good. I trust my friends, contacts and Worship fans to make it happen for me. They did an awesome job so far. I can only give my best in return!

Well, and IF money gets tight down the line, I can take up some other not-so-creative work, too. I am not too proud or something. Everything to keep me going, and to keep my prices low.

I just believe we need to spent our life doing things we love, to max out life. Everything else must be reduced to the lowest possible level. I know this is not possible for many. A dream for most. But for some it’s already reality. Count me in.