Flattr could make the Web make Sense (and Money)


I have just received my invitation to Flattr.

Flattr is a service that enables you to pay a little money to your favorite web content, cents at a time. It’s the tip jar on the starbucks counter that is the Internet, the hat at the feet of your favorite street musician.

  • You fill up your account with a small amount of money, so small that you really don’t notice.
  • You click on Flattr buttons (like the one on my blog to your right, hint hint hint) of stuff you like
  • Your decided payment per month is divided through the times you clicked on cool content this month.
  • Your money goes to the hard working people that fill our interwebs with goodness
  • If you click once, all your money (as low as $2.5) goes to one place. If you forget to click, it goes to charity.

The system is so perfect in it’s idealistic dream state, that I can only hope this comes to full bloom very soon.

Thought: What do you think would happen if every Facebook user spent 1 cent today on something he or she likes on the internet? Several hundred MILLIONS would go to free good services, and no one would miss that bloody cent! That is awesome beyond the powers of my keyboard.

(still in dream mode) Your blog would earn a little money, your music which you put up for free, your podcast, your drawings, your free game…

OK, it’s still in Beta. Hardly any site is on it yet. Let’s add our sites (if you are providing) and let’s ask our fav pages to join in. We can’t do anything more, really. Success totally depends on spread. If it falls on its face, well… We have tried. Currently, you even have to wait for your invitation, they are still testing. I hope that’s over soon.

You think no one wants to pay for free stuff? I couldn’t disagree more. Remember tips. Donations. Look at the income of street musicians. Look at the successes like the “pay-whatya-want” model of the Humble Indie Bundle (which made more than a million dollars, although you could get it for as little as 1 cent).

Good content is actually never free. It costs time and effort on the side of the creator. He or she just decides not to get compensation, or sees no chance to. I know it’s not “about money”. Still, imagine a good helpful insightful blogger getting a few hundred dollars back for his good work every month? This would make me so happy for him. And only 20 cents are mine or so.

I know I have donated to good tool creators, gamedevs, musicians… I know I have bought stuff which is available free elsewhere. If Flattr takes off, it has just become a lot easier. It must be totally easy or it will not work, 1 click solution FTW! Let’s shape a world of free brilliant content that can actually make sense. *sniff* Service Announcement over.


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