Icon take it anymore


Bought a USB CC controller from Icon Global today.

It’s for music production, hardware to change parameters, notebook size. That’s how it looks:



DISLIKE. Pain in the arse to setup, part of it unusuable (layer 1), setup tool asked me if I want to overwrite the settings, not providing a yes or no button, had to kill the task and redo the settings. Tried to update the software, didn’t work.

Manual states: “We have created a series of templates for different software. These are contained on the Utility CD.” NO they are not. Looked through the CD 2 times, nothing, unless you count “default” as a lot of templates. Not on the homepage either!

Works now, but that was the last piece I bought of that weird company. ONLY cool think that I can find about them is that they have the GUTS to sell, and they still do, believe it or not, the following bravely named product: The Ipad.

Game Number 50

This is me trying to blog more.

Today let me blurt out that the number of games I have provided audio for has reached a staggering 50. Wow, I think that’s cool and from now on, I will wear underwear made of gold.

The game in question is from the UK-based (another 1st!) developer Lowpoly Studios, and here is the trailer I have scored for them.

I usually skip Realtime Strategy… but now I can’t any longer


Realtime Strategy games are not usually my cup of tea. I suck at them. Maybe it’s not how I roll, maybe it’s the time pressure (and my alignment is Chaotic Creative), or the traumatic suckage at Command & Conquer 1. So I usually avoid them. We go our seperate ways.

But now that changed. Now, something new appeared, now I can’t hide anymore! [climatic music ]


[disappointed silence]

What? Well yeah, sorry not Starcraft 2, don’t know what made you think that. There are snails everywhere in my new garden. It’s more like Tower Defense meets Plants vs. Zombies meets Tapper (C64): Like the Bavarian environment suggests I kill them with beer. I build bases of beer and wait for the rush.

And they come in waves, more like a very slow Zombie shooter. 40 today!

So, today’s lesson: you are f**ked if you are a slug, basically. You get to shag a she-slug only once in your life. Then you drown in a pool of beer. Happens to the best of us.

So, finally an RTS enemy that matches my skills and speed.


Officially not a failure – yet


Hey guys,

I jumped into the deep and dark water, full of oily sharks. I won’t argue that.

And even I, being a sentient being, thought that it can be a mistake. It always can be. Tens of thousands of companies fail per year in Germany alone. And I made a lot of mistakes.

But, as I have just received a new cool job for a full game, in written form, I have moved the point of beggardom a few months into the future. This will be major game audio job #3 in the span of 1 year.

I am working full time, on music and sound, for games and media, for almost 2 months now – and it seems I will not stop so soon. I am save moneywise at least until somewhere in 2011. Given that I don’t get anything new in until then. And even I can’t be that gloomy. I received three jobs, for very small things, in the last 3 days. And I will be at a shitload of events, meeting with people…

I guess this is the beginning of wonderful things, and a wonderful lifestyle, almost rockstar like. I have to let this sink in: I am only doing music and sound design. No day job. No sleeping on subway trains anymore, no wishing and dreaming away from empty office work or so. Thanks music, thank you games!

And I have my fellow band Worship and the new album, I am so looking forward to start recording. Will be out in 2010!

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