Icon take it anymore


Bought a USB CC controller from Icon Global today.

It’s for music production, hardware to change parameters, notebook size. That’s how it looks:



DISLIKE. Pain in the arse to setup, part of it unusuable (layer 1), setup tool asked me if I want to overwrite the settings, not providing a yes or no button, had to kill the task and redo the settings. Tried to update the software, didn’t work.

Manual states: “We have created a series of templates for different software. These are contained on the Utility CD.” NO they are not. Looked through the CD 2 times, nothing, unless you count “default” as a lot of templates. Not on the homepage either!

Works now, but that was the last piece I bought of that weird company. ONLY cool think that I can find about them is that they have the GUTS to sell, and they still do, believe it or not, the following bravely named product: The Ipad.

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