Definitely the first time I need to rebuy a book because my first copy burned down


Currently reading Mogworld by my personal hero Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation fame. Will continue his first published novel – and 3rd altogether -by what could be our newfound evil Pratchett as soon as I’ll have rebought it. My copy just burned down.

I got up at 5:45 am today, thanks to my little offspring-shaped alarm clock. But as it happens I dozed off on his bed, and woke again to the smell of smoke! Looking up I saw that there is smoke blurring the lamp. Natural instincts are a funny thing. I jumped, and searched the room for a fire, waking up my house. Checking the fireplace downstairs – nothing. Basement – no smell of smoke coming up the stairways. Run up into my studio – everything full of smoke. It didn’t smell like a PC burning, though, and again – no fire to be found. The smoke just liked to travel upstairs.

So back down again, and I finally found it: our 1st floor bathroom. My 4 ys old son obviously plugged in that strange radiator the former inhabitants had installed, and cranked it up to max. On it was my poor Mogworld paperback, a tragic case of wrong time, wrong place.

Now, it’s more like a black chunk of coal. And everything smells like hell now. Nice environment to work on the last sound effects for the Dungeons game.

So, what have we learned? Nothing, really. My son will destroy everything he can lay his hands on, nothing new there. Mogworld starts really well, makes a few of those supposedly fresh self-referential video game parody ideas in my head seem old, and burns great. And fear of a fiery death is more effective than coffee. I am working on a commercial use of that as we speak. Maybe an alarm clock that sets your sheets on fire?

Goodbye, Mogworld. (✝ Nov 17th 2010)