Wikileads – Actually Kinda Hard To Love


Help me out here. What am I supposed to think about Wikileaks? Who is hero and villain in this thing? I get confused if I read my Twitter stream and Facebook news feed… Somehow it doesn’t all fit together.

People root for privacy of their own data. Hate big brother 1984-like transparency. Love the Pirate Party which is all pro that. Dislike Stasi/Communist East Germany. Love Wikileaks. Hate the tax office. Like democracy and the constitutional rights we all enjoy.  And beat up snitches after school. There is a lot of Two-Face insanity hidden in there somewhere.

Let’s look at the latest data Wikileaks have received: Sensitive data about bank accounts in Switzerland. It appears they want to disclose the names of supposed tax defaulters soon.

Judging from the past, nothing will be blocked out. Everything will be public. Private information about people who may or may not have dodged taxes or broken laws. Wait a minute, you hate the guts of the IRS and “tax office should go to hell”, you hate that any big brother like thing peaks into your privacy…  And this you love? This is an invasion of privacy clusterfuck. What about any innocent ones among the list? They might lose everything (job, position, trust, business partners) and will possibly never be able to  prove their innocence. Think it through.

And how about the guilty? They have rights, even murderers get protection in a constitutional state, remember, those very rights you love and the lack of which you protest against when discovered in certain countries east of here. Not full public stripdown even before any trial! They are not even properly accused.

And I am not even starting about the list being possibly cleverly forged. Drop a few enemy names here and there, everything else is legit… It’s quite easy. You know just what will happen, if you can make a good fake and throw it at Wikileaks, they will not have any good taste or any moral regrets to smite your enemies by Select All Upload All like the seeding monkeys they are.

I have friends who have been in custody for 6 months because of wrong accusations of tax fraud. I turned out the government couldn’t find anything in those 6 months, which is the maximum time they can lock you up without a trial in Germany. They was an anonymous tip,  but they failed to find any slice of proof, nothing to even start a trial. Funny, heh? You see, anyone can accuse anybody else, and harm them. Like, well, the STASI!  Remember GDR/DDR, communist East Germany? Somehow NO-ONE thinks they were cool. But they had private persons sniffing into the affairs of others (guilty or not), putting it in neat files. At least they didn’t upload them!

Just saying. There is too much blood on the tights of this Robin Hood. Wikileaks is as elegant and reserved as a steamroller. If you need to upload info, why can’t you block out the information that might be hurting innocents? Or possible innocents? Or even kick the rights of suspects. Isn’t that kinda dictatorshiply? Why don’t they give the names to the police and upload everything removing ANY Names. This is as interesting to read, and does not harm anybody without a proper trial. Just saying.

Now, I will close all browsers, work on my sound design here, and wait for the next headline: “Wikileaks Publishes List of Witches – Public Burning Scheduled For Saturday”.

4 thoughts on “Wikileads – Actually Kinda Hard To Love

  1. Hi,

    “Judging from the past, nothing will be blocked out. Everything will be public.”

    AFAIK, In the past, Wikileaks did only publish very selected part of stuff they got. They gave the material to a local newspaper/magazin and let them decide, what can be published without harm to anybody.

    Be careful what to believe and who to trust on this. There are a lot of spin doctors at work from the governments to discredit wikileaks. Lots of wrong info getting blogged and twittered.

    Base your opinion on what they did and not on what somebody said they will do 😉

    – Oliver

    • Hmm, how about that US government stuff? I didn’t hear one souce talking about some kind of censorship (I did not research this, that kind of stuff is jsut coming in from all sides). I have seen video footage of Assange today talking about “full disclosure”.

      By the way, I just wanted to make you think with my post. Don’t take me too seriously. As usual.

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