L.A. Noire: About 4 hours in


3rd session of LA Noire: After my first impression, I got used to the game. I start to miss the thing now when I am not playing. It helps to squint a bit and pretend you are not playing a game. That’s always helpful, but especially with L.A. Noire. When I look at it with cold analytical eyes, I see different repetitive game mechanics juxtaposed, drive, talk, shoot, chase, drive, talk, shoot…. If I forget about that and allow myself to sink into the game, I feel I am inside a crime movie, solving cases. Like when children manage to forget about the sticks, they suddenly are pirates with swords.

Especially the clue searching parts. Interrogations got better, but still sometimes too hard. Depending on the witness. Chases on foot are insane, I feel my character is out of shape compared to what the developers expected. Without the radar, no way in hell could I catch a fleeing suspect. You sometimes see 0.5 to 2 seconds of them before they are out of sight. If you happen to have your camera not manually pointing in the right direction, no chance in hell. 90% of the time I run towards the red dot on my radar and try to figure out where they jumped or climbed or whatever…  My first chase I needed to try like 6 times…

I am at my 3rd real case, these are small, quite simple. More Derrick than Agatha Christie or Bulle von Tölz. Somebody should do the exact same game without the shooter elements, and with harder non-linear cases (like Poirot novels), with more cases as DLC… That would be awesome. I read 50 Poirot books. Imagine a great looking game, where you buy DLC like you buy a new crime novel, same characters and graphics, but new case, new suspects, new murderer… That would be insane and a gold mine. I would buy 50 of that, too. It’s all about the cases, the suspense, and the solution after all.

Maybe they get more sophisticated. So far I solved the cases much faster than the game expected me to. And I am not too bright, I am just used to Poirot and Sherlock Holmes.

Still, I stick to my motto, to take a game as it is, and therefore, with the aforementioned squinting, I enjoy a stylish game. But I can never suppress my imagination running wild when I play a good game, I always come up with a dozen things to make it better (in my personal opinion). Is this a modern disease? It is easy to find music or art which is “perfect” and “divine”. But it is extremely hard to find a game that is not in some aspects “stupid”, “simple”, “only a game”. Which is OK but I would prefer the games to reach out of the screen, to spin my mind, suck me in like a book, amaze me so that I forget my name or where I live.


2 thoughts on “L.A. Noire: About 4 hours in

  1. Hi,

    I’m played ~8 hours now… (much too long yesterday evening, got only 4 hours sleep…)

    Funny, I found chases too easy. You know, you can RUN when pressing RT?

    You just press and hold “RT” and push (L) forward. Most of the time, your character will take turns by himself, just help a little with (L). Very easy. I often run into the person when climbing ladders. I don’t like, that you really can’t “catch” the persons you chase, most of the time it ends with shooting…

    I have to admit, I still don’t really understand the interrogations. I understand: If I call “Lie” I need to backup with a clue. If I doubt, I don’t believe but have no clue. BUT very often, reaction from my character is completely different than I anticipate when clicking that button… Or my character is talking about a different part of the story. Feels lame. I would like it better to chose between different lines to say, like in traditional adventures.

    – Oliver

    • Yes, I know I can run. It’s also that my TV is too small or too far away in my living room, I hardly see anything, and some guy in the background turning a corner or climbing up some place, almost invisible to me. 🙂 And if I don’t manually point the camera towards them, gone.. But I am not fully pro with the commands, like letting go of stuff or sliding down rain pipes, sometimes I press the wrong button and that costs time… Yes the interrogations puzzle me.. 2nd case I had everything right, next case half wrong… But at least the “wrong – repeat” thing has stopped. The reactions to me failing an interrogation were quite good, like in a movie. “I know you are hiding something! We will watch you!” or something hehe.

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