What is “my genre”?


I was asked to be more precise. Well, this can take 1 or 2 years to finish, so I won’t certainly be totally transparent here and spill everything I come up with. But I can be less vague.

One of the first things I needed to do (in my spare time consisting of a few minutes spread over the course of an average day) is to find WHAT I want to do here.
While I can recognize a good puzzler, I feel drawn to a story. The things which touch me most are books. Of all the things with a story, I like RPGs and adventures the most. I have an RPG concept which I am not working on for many years now 😉 I can’t see myself realizing it without a big team and budget.

Javier of the Cabrera Brothers somewhat inspired me. They finished their game Cypher as a duo, selling it online. It’s real, it’s done, it’s out.

The only way I see myself ever getting there with the limited time and money I have is to make an adventure, too. Why not, I love that genre.

Having settled on a type of game, I needed to find my subgenre.

I like humour but it is really hard to make a game that is funny. Also, I want a less shallow experience. Something thoughtful.

Fantasy, Horror, Drama, Crime… Hmm. I love Fantasy, but my other concept is Fantasy, aiming to be a great RPG. I put all my ideas in there. I want something darker. Crime, yea, but I want it to be philosophical, meaningful, and close to myself. I am somewhat shying away from a classic crime story, although I might end up playing with it.

Mystery or Horror. I am totally blown away by Agustín Cordes’s script for Asylum (<- please help to Steam Greenlight it, one click if you are logged into Steam). But somehow, I want it to be less horror. I want it more emotional, slightly creepy, unnerving but not shocking or terrifying…

Mystery it is. Some of the movies I like the most are somewhere near here. Angel Heart, Dark City, 6th Sense maybe, Matrix, a bit Ninth Gate, Inception even, Fight Club if that makes sense…  With themes of darkness, occult, supernatural, a bit of horror…

That’s the realm I am at. Movies which inspire. With an interesting world, with twists, with depth, layers and mindfucks.

So, I am trying to write a mystery adventure. My main goal is to make it “very good” and to make the best story I can find in me, putting soul and substance into it (things that really move, bother, haunt me)… Let’s see how far I come.

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