Sony is leading in the console naming wars


A: “Hi, I am interested in buying a gaming device?”

B: “Hello sir, which one would you be interested in?”

A: “How about that Xbox. I see you have 3 versions? Which one is this?”

B: “The Xbox One.”

A: “Ah, and that one on the other end?”

B: “The first Xbox.”

A: ” ??? So I guess that one in the middle is… let me guess, the Xbox A, Xbox Uno, Xbox…”

B: “360.”

A: “Of course! Well, that’s rubbish… How about an Ipad. Is this one new?”

B: “No, it is used.”

A: “I mean, is it the latest one?”

B: “No.”

A: “How is it called?”

B: “The New Ipad.”

A: “??? And that’s not the new one? Which one of these is the latest version?”

B: “This one. It is called the Ipad with Retina Display.”

A: “Ah, so like the older one which is called The New Ipad,  but with a Retina Display?”

B: “No, The New Ipad also has a Retina Display.”

A: “WTF! All these names are bullshit! OK let’s go with Nintendo, maybe they have names which are not shit.”

B: “Ehhm.”


Still wanting!


OK, this has been ages. November the deadlines avalanched me… Still working on the last of the games from that deadline clash…

But I am still thinking, wanting, researching… about the game script I want to write. Largely thanks to Javier Cabrera, who reminds me almost every day to not let the ball drop, I will try to use his method soon to write my 1st draft.

Until then, I need to work on this deadline here, but on the side (on a 2nd screen or in my little sparetime) I am researching all kinds of mystery movies to find out what I like, what I think works and doesn’t work… I gather little DOs and DON’Ts for me…

One quick example: Recently I saw “Stay” and “Mulholland Dr.” And both movies (won’t spoil too much, but if you don’t want to be spoilered stop reading!) fuck with your mind. For me, an important DON’T manifested. I didn’t like either movie. They both have redeeming qualities/scenes/ideas, but the basic thing I didn’t like and which goes straight to my DON’T list: If parts of your movie “aren’t real”, don’t show them from anybody’s perspective except the guy/girl who “made it up in their head”. That annoys me totally. If let’s say most of the movie happens inside of the head of somebody, don’t have scenes which have nothing to do with the character, with people the character is not connected with, and even worse: don’t let me feel, wonder and second-guess things through the mind of a character that doesn’t really exist. That is not how dreams or fantasies work. Both are very self-centered. That little thing ruined both movies for me. Writing this down for my script.