Sony is leading in the console naming wars


A: “Hi, I am interested in buying a gaming device?”

B: “Hello sir, which one would you be interested in?”

A: “How about that Xbox. I see you have 3 versions? Which one is this?”

B: “The Xbox One.”

A: “Ah, and that one on the other end?”

B: “The first Xbox.”

A: ” ??? So I guess that one in the middle is… let me guess, the Xbox A, Xbox Uno, Xbox…”

B: “360.”

A: “Of course! Well, that’s rubbish… How about an Ipad. Is this one new?”

B: “No, it is used.”

A: “I mean, is it the latest one?”

B: “No.”

A: “How is it called?”

B: “The New Ipad.”

A: “??? And that’s not the new one? Which one of these is the latest version?”

B: “This one. It is called the Ipad with Retina Display.”

A: “Ah, so like the older one which is called The New Ipad,  but with a Retina Display?”

B: “No, The New Ipad also has a Retina Display.”

A: “WTF! All these names are bullshit! OK let’s go with Nintendo, maybe they have names which are not shit.”

B: “Ehhm.”


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