OK, my blog gathered rust for >1  year… WTF.This happened:- I submitted a game design document to a company of which I am a partner. Yesterday, there was a meeting in which it was introduced. I am waiting for feedback, but maybe my game will be developed.

– The adventure: Not much progress. Still happy with the mood and setting, but the lack of creative energy is disgusting.

– The rpg: Yep. My awesome RPG ideas which I collect for a few years (using ideas that are up to 25 years old) are still fresh and mostly unused. Divinity: Original Sin seems to be the first real contender, and does a lot of things right (in my view), but I am happy to report, my rpg concept is still not obsolete. Maybe. One. Day.

Doing some non-creative work in the last days, and the ideas keep on coming. That explains everything. When I am not in a bad mood, and not creatively exhausted, I get cool ideas. Hmm. I am using this time to gather ideas, and see what I can do about all that.


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