Gamedesign & Dream-fueled writing


A long and detailed dream inspired the whole concept & story of my latest album. So, I have known for quite some time that dreams work well for me. I like to complain, but for this I am grateful.

Last night, I let my heavy workload rest (music & sound effects) at 10 pm, because it was too late to start something completely new, so I took my notes for my game writing job and decided to write in bed for an hour or so. This didn’t really work at first.  I wrote down 3 words or so. But working in bed did succeed in making it difficult for me to fall asleep. It took me ages to fall asleep, and I was drifting back and forth multiple times that night. This morning, I had about 10 new ideas for my game, 3 more scenes and a big piece of the puzzle that is our main character. I had even scribbled down a few words in complete darkness at some point. I don’t really know WHEN those ideas came to me, but I take it!

I am on page 4 now of my little plot, about half of the basic story is done. Glad to report, that my first deadline was just moved back a little bit, but I like how this is taking form. More details soon!

Now, back to the pressing audio jobs at hand.*

* Have to mention this, so that any client who reads this doesn’t get pissed off. Audio still takes up 90% of my time, as it should. 😀

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