Podcasts and Vodcasts


So, what are you listening to, podcast/vodcast-wise?

Because of my job and interests, I mostly listen to people ranting about the games industry. I like the podcast format, because it is great to listen to on the side (while sorting stuff/cleaning up/answering mails etc) or during walks/train rides. And if you manage to warm up to one, it’s hours and hours of free entertainment featuring somebody you find funny!

That being said, I tried so many more, and failed to like them. Good ones are hard to find. But these are the ones I currently recommend:

Podcasts at the moment:

Current issue:
Good for: Console Game news.
Three gamer dads talk about console game news. Cheapy D’s day job is a video game website about getting video games cheaply, which is a very interesting perspective! Wombat is more of a classic family dad gamer. Shipwreck is the collector & excel sheet jockey archetype, plays a lot of games. The 3 manage to cook up an entertaining show every Friday.

Co-optional Podcast (also a Vodcast)
Current issue: 107
Good for: PC game news. Sarcastic British commentary.
Total Biscuit leads this 3 hosts + 1 guest format. I love his british sarcasm. Jesse Cox is a freaky wild American, it took me some time to warm up to his crazyness, now I love it. Dodger is as lovely, loud and charming a gamer girl as I could imagine.



Jim Sterling
The Jimquisition (68), Squirty Plays (495) …
Good for:
Entertaining crazyiness
I talked about Jim Sterling earlier in connection to his Patreon. This crazy dude with his unique personality will bring you both great insight into the industry and the weirdest jokes. Mostly, he checks out small crappy games and greenlight trailers, but also tackles the current topics in his own way. I know him from his old show with …

Yahtzee’s Youtube Channel (Yahtzee19)
Sub-channels: Let’s Drown Out (64), Ego Review (24) …
Good for: Sarcastic British humour.
Yahtzee Croshaw (of Zero Punctuation fame) has a youtube channel, in which he and co-host Gabriel drown out games or talk about his own game releases. I lost interest in his endless “Let’s Drown out Dark Souls 2”, but otherwise, enjoyable says fanboy.

Classic Podcasts:

Australian Gamer Podcast
Current issue: Sizzled out. About 215 issues.
Good for: Australian game scene & a historic period of console gaming (roughly the Wii/360/PS3 era 2006-2011).
Talking of Yahtzee, his regular guest appearances on this show made me discover it. Matt is one funny witty nerd. Yug is sometimes drunk and sometimes an idiot (today, mostly Pax Australia). 😉 They had a really good podcast, which I loved until it faded away. Towards the end, Yug had had the idea of the Mana Bar in Brisbane, and it was a huge success. Next, he moved to Melbourne to open another Mana Bar, and that was sort of the end of the thing. I backed most of them up, but not all. Collector’s item!

Russel Brand (BBC2/BBC6)
Current issue: 
Brought down by a massive scandal. About a total of 125 show.
Good for:
witty craziness
Not games related, but awesome. Russel Brand is the wittiest man I have ever experienced. Crazy, womanizing, well-spoken, improvising whole rhyming songs…  He feeds the rockstar side of me… The whole run of shows has ups and downs, it’s certainly not for everyone, but I can wholeheartedly recommend to grab them. Luckily, somebody uploaded all episodes.

Honorable mention:

Current issue: Died at 39.
Good for: Hmm.
That was my own (German-languaged) podcast. I do miss it.

Are you following any Podcasts or Youtube channels regularly?

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