Silence :/


My band’s tour was cancelled, which was very stressful and unpleasant … in the aftermath of that, I find myself working productively (now that the tour organization and details are solved in this unpleasant fashion), and replanning the next week. Maybe I can invest some time into this blog again. I need it to take notes of what I do, of the passage of time, to project ideas and thoughts and to make people aware of me (all these things are productive), so I refuse to let this die down again here 😀 But: I promised to re-invest the days of the cancelled tour into finishing the album. If THAT is complete, I have much more free time. 🙂

just played: Sims 4
just watched: Co-Optional Podcast #37
just reread: Heinlein – Stranger
in a Strange Land

Next blog phase…


Hmm. For my next blog phase, I need to invest some time and work before it can launch. Stupid thing is, I still need to finish my album, my tour is coming up AND I have to focus on my current work, too. So, it might appear silent around here. But, I have this blog on my Habitica to do list, so I see it every day. Stupidly, all my forthcoming posts need (as I said) investments I can’t make right now. I hate to lose my momentum here, before we really start, but I can’t stretch myself too much.

This will not be one of my “final words” followed by a year of silence. I hope to finish a lot of work next week, and maybe I can work a bit on the blog in between.