Back from the convention!


OK! I am back from the Quo Vadis convention, back in the saddle, and I am trying to stay on top of things more. I have a bunch of stuff to follow up, a bunch of songs and sounds to do, and an album to finish. Also: Once again I find, the work/life balance might be the critical thing I always ignore. The more I try to be a good boy and concentrate on work, the less I am able to be productive, because I get dull and lose my creativity. So, spending some time with the game dev crowd but especially with my buddies in Berlin, even though that was exhausting, it was also refreshing if that makes any sense. I feel better now.

I also met 2 people who are great contacts for this blog and my secret plan for it, this might be another push in the right direction. Still, I need to finish about 3 dozen pieces of art, before that thing can launch, I will make progress in the next month.


just played: fallout 4 (trying again to have fun with that thing)
just watched: back to the future II
just heard: cox ‘n crendor in the morning dec 4th 2013
just read: stranger in a strange land (heinlein), 3rd time