A new level of In-App-Evil: Watch out for Legion/Mydoo Ads!


Letting a small kid play with your Iphone for 5 mins, nothing much can happen, right? 23 open tabs, some moved icons, maybe a few failed in-app purchases… Right? Wrong.

At a recent family gathering, my daughter of 2 years played with a relative’s Iphone, clicked on an ad, and got herself a 4€ / week subscription to Legion GmbH / MyDoo International. By clicking on an ad. That popped up in a free game for small children. In a game that is available on the Apple app store. There is no password or any complicated process, just a click on an ad, and apparently, that stuff is legal in Germany (German link). I can’t tell you how the ad looked, we weren’t looking, but you know how those ads block the entire screen. It’s very easy to misclick, especially if you happen to be the target audience for those games.

Wow. That’s great. We were informed by a text message from Legion (at least something, right?). And our request to cancel was accepted without fuss. Still, google MyDoo International and you find a lot of cases, and many people found out after a few weeks paying.

Easy fixes for this: Go into flight mode (usually no ads) or use Guided Access.

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