Finished “Shadowrun: Dragonfall” yesterday


Takes me my usual ages to finish a game these days, but this delightful retro-style isometric rpg with round-based combat was totally worth it. Shadowrun setting was captured brilliantly, and while the epic linear story put a lot of drive into matters, there were some cool shadowrunny side elements here and there (e.g. getting some side mission jobs to finance the main agenda, selling stolen data to the highest bidder via a bullet board system etc.)

This made me realise again that modern rpgs (especially those highly modern ones like Skyrim) do not fully satisfy this yearning for “wonder” and “fantasy”. I think it’s great that this shadowrun game uses a lot of text, and there is “much more going on in the background”. In Skyrim, you get city “XYZ”, and you can enter every one of the 12 houses in the big city, and you can talk to every npc, kill them all … Be the leader of all guilds, the defeater of everyone, the chosen one squared. There is no hidden mystery left there in any way. In Shadowrun, you are a little gear in a huge, dark system, and without spoiling anything, they hint at strings being pulled, puppet mastering, not getting the full picture, half-victories, being used politically by everyone…    I think I’m gonna start the next Shadowrun game right away 😀  (after a million jobs, that is. Damn you, work!)

just played: shadowrun dragonfall (duh)
just watched: it crowd season 1, episode 5
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OK, my blog gathered rust for >1  year… WTF.This happened:- I submitted a game design document to a company of which I am a partner. Yesterday, there was a meeting in which it was introduced. I am waiting for feedback, but maybe my game will be developed.

– The adventure: Not much progress. Still happy with the mood and setting, but the lack of creative energy is disgusting.

– The rpg: Yep. My awesome RPG ideas which I collect for a few years (using ideas that are up to 25 years old) are still fresh and mostly unused. Divinity: Original Sin seems to be the first real contender, and does a lot of things right (in my view), but I am happy to report, my rpg concept is still not obsolete. Maybe. One. Day.

Doing some non-creative work in the last days, and the ideas keep on coming. That explains everything. When I am not in a bad mood, and not creatively exhausted, I get cool ideas. Hmm. I am using this time to gather ideas, and see what I can do about all that.